Do PDO threads work?

Do PDO threads work

Do you feel as though the years are starting to show on your face noticeably? Maybe you’ve reached a point where your skin could use a little bit of an extra helping hand, or maybe you just felt like you’d like to give your appearance a bit of a boost. 

Many people decide to go the route of surgical intervention, which, despite the fact that it is typically very efficient for certain candidates, can be expensive. This is true not only in terms of the amount spent but also in terms of the amount of time spent recovering and the distress and inconvenience caused by post-surgical trauma.

There are currently several clinics that provide the most advanced non-surgical treatments for facial aging. These treatments have been clinically demonstrated to produce long-term benefits without the need for invasive surgery. 

PDO thread lifting is one among these treatments; nevertheless, in recent years, for a variety of reasons, it has come under increased criticism. Is it, therefore, worthwhile to have a PDO thread lift? And how much of a difference could it make for you?

What a PDO thread lift actually is

In order to provide a facelifting effect, a PDO thread lift employs the use of biodegradable suture threads, which are then injected into particular depths and regions of the skin. The stress that is generated to the skin tissues by this treatment results in the stimulation of the creation of collagen and elastin, which results in both an instant lifting and tightening effect as well as a progressive improvement in the skin’s appearance over the course of the following months. This therapy does not include any incisions or stitches, and the patient will need a local anesthetic for it.

Why are PDO threads given such a negative reputation?

Over the course of several years, a large number of PDO threads have been subjected to investigation, and it has been discovered that some of these threads are less successful than others. 

When they are put improperly, either too deep or into shallow parts of the skin, they can be rendered utterly worthless and can even “pop out” from the skin, or even worse; they can harm face elements such as blood vessels, neurons, ligaments, and veins. Because of this, it is extremely important to pick your PDO expert with great care and only enlist the assistance of an individual who is completely certified and has had an extensive amount of training for your PDO thread lift.  

It is important to note that in order for the PDO thread lift to be successful, it must be performed by a trained medical practitioner in a sterile and clinical setting. This will ensure that the procedure is both safe and effective. When it concerns your appearance, you shouldn’t take any shortcuts and should instead choose the absolute finest.

Here are the changes that a PDO thread lift brings about in terms of the skin and the contours of the face?

  • a face contour in the shape of a heart, with a raised cheek effect
  • Exotic, ‘cat-eye’ appearance
  • A more accentuated jawline
  • fewer and less prominent grin lines
  • Eyebrows that are arched upward and less thick
  • Effortless contouring of the neck

When is the best time to get a PDO Thread Lift on your skin?

It’s possible that if you’re ages 30 and 60, you’re showing signs of facial aging that range from moderate to extreme. It’s possible that now is the best moment for you to get a PDO thread lift. However, before choosing whether or not this therapy will be beneficial for you, it is imperative that you first have a pre-treatment assessment with a specialist. 

Some of the older patients who have extensive facial aging could be more suited to a technique such as facelifting surgery. In addition, we will review your medical history to verify that a PDO thread lift will be a safe and effective alternative for you in the event that it is necessary.

Where exactly on the face and the body should the PDO threads be applied?

PDO threads are exceptionally adaptable and may be placed into a wide variety of locations of the face, throat, and body, including the décolletage, knees, and elbows, amongst others. In point of fact, the use of PDO thread-lifting is beneficial for any area on the body that exhibits signs of laxity, such as crepey or sagging skin.

Does raising the PDO thread cause any pain?

During a PDO thread-lifting process, there could be some slight pain, tugging and pulling sensory inputs, as is the case with any non-surgical treatment that requires the use of syringes to inject compounds into the deeper skin layers; however, through the use of highly-effective local anesthetic, skincare products, and the more sophisticated methods, any irritation should be minor.

After having a Mint PDO thread lifting treatment, what aftercare recommendations will you be given to the following?

The recovery time following a PDO thread lift is far shorter than the recovery time following surgery; nonetheless, there are a few easy guidelines that you will need to follow immediately after your treatment, as well as in the weeks that will follow…

  • After the process, you should refrain from touching the treated region for a period of four hours.
  • For the next three nights, you should avoid sleeping in that treated area.
  • Applying some arnica gel many times each day in the event that you suffer from bruising is recommended.
  • After a PDO thread lift, you should wait at least four weeks before undergoing any other facial procedures. After that, you can make plans for various face procedures, excluding those that include lasers. You may have a conversation with your practitioner about these and then prepare appropriately.
  • After your treatment, you should wait at least two weeks before engaging in physically taxing activities or applying heat to your face.

When can you expect to see the effects of this?

You will notice tightness and uplifting of the skin after having a PDO thread lift, which will provide considerable effects almost immediately. However, it will take about two weeks for the collagen synthesis to begin, and once it does, you will see a change in the tone, texture, and general quality of your skin.

How long do the effects of this treatment remain?

The good news is that PDO thread lifting may be able to provide greater long-term benefits. However, this will depend on your age as well as how your skin reacts to the therapy. Some of our patients are able to enjoy the effects of their therapy for up to two years before they require another intervention. Because our PDO threads are completely absorbable, there shouldn’t be any problem getting follow-up treatments once this period of time has passed. 

PDO threads will not halt the natural aging process, but they will assist in tightening and contouring your skin, as well as eliminating certain lines and wrinkles. Additionally, they will accentuate the facial characteristics.

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